5 Best Purple Gaming Chair

As online gaming is increasing rapidly and to play with your best performance along with the gaming room a purple gaming chair is a must.

So to sit for hours, give your best performance and makes your gaming room truly attractive a purple gaming chair is needed. So today we take a look at the best purple gaming chair.

1. Soontrans purple gaming chair

Soontrans are providing a very attractive and comfortable gaming chair with lots of features in it. The furniture finish of leather and weight of 250 pounds gives a decent look to your gaming room.

 Pros –

  • Cost-effective
  • Multifunction
  • Attractive design
  • Not causing any stiffness and cramps

Cons –

  • The footrest is small for taller persons
  • Lumbar support get flat after a few months
purple gaming chair

Features :

  • Ergonomic design – it means generally give good support to joints of necks, shoulders and waist which protects you from a health issue and give comfort.
  • Quality of material – consisting of the metal frame combined with breathable carbon fibre and leather finish making it worth buying.
  • Multifunction – this chair also includes an adjustable backrest by which you can set a comfortable angle according to your need. Also, have height adjustment up to 4 inches along with a removable lumbar pillow and a footrest is also given to prevent leg muscle stiffness and cramping.

2. OFM ESS purple gaming chair

An attractive racing style chair with its features makes it a must for your gaming room and to play your favourite games. Specially designed for intense and long gaming hours.


  • More comfortable
  • For intense gaming hours
  • Decent price


  • Footrest is absent
  • Backrest is absent

Features :

Ergonomic design– having the segmented padding for different areas such as neck, waist and armrest gives an immense amount of comfort.

Adjusting features- having height adjustment, centre tilt control, arms can be flipped up along with 360-degree rotation.

Also with soft thread leather and weighing around 275lb making its life longer.

3. AK racing purple gaming chair

It is also one of the popular choice when you select a gaming chair. Giving immense amount of comfort and full focus to your game without any stiffness and cramps. The chair only chair that comes with a warranty of 10 years.

pros –

  • 10 years of warranty
  • Anticorrosion frame
  • Attractive design
  • 3 direction armrest


  • Not appropriate for heavy person
  • Movement of person is the chair not that flexible

Features :

  1. Consisting of one steel all frame and anti corrosion paint making this chair to stand for long time.

2. With a class of 4 gas lift and weight capacity of 330lbs.

3. Also comes with the 3d armrest than can be adjusted into 3 directions

4. Sitmod purple gaming chair

This is also a high demanding gaming chair nowadays with it’s attractive and comfortable design. One of the most interesting things about this chair is that it comes with massage facility to give you calmness and relaxed hours of gaming.


  • Inbuilt electric massage facility makes this chair a very unique and attractive choice to look into.
  • Proper armrest and footrest.
  • Ergonomic design

Cons –

  • The footrest is not  strong enough
  • Size of chair can be bigger to suit everyone

Features :

  1. Seat lumbar pillow consist of inbuilt electric massage function which massages the neck and waist to give you stiffness free and relaxing hours of gaming.
  2. 360 degree rotation with adjustable height and adjustable incline and decline of back.
  3. Well padded foot and armrests.

5. XZGDEN purple gaming chair

Last but not least a very comfortable and attractive piece of chair due give you long lasting gaming hours. Having very simple and classic design making the is chair to blend with any room design and color.


  • Classic and simple design
  • Comfortable and attractive

Cons – A bit costly

Ergonomic design giving spine, neck and waist a  support and stiffness free hours of gaming.

Well padded arm rest and footrest is also present with faux leather covering.

Very much spongy and not deforms with time.


These were the 5 Best Purple Gaming Chair which we have sorted based on their comfort , price , ratings and durability.  We have provided you the link of amazon to buy these. We are going to release more gaming article and for chairs.